A Glimpse at Goodway Group’s Ad Tech Stack

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Getting the audience targeting, granular measurement and deep insights modern marketers need is becoming increasingly difficult as identity, privacy and regulation policies continue to present some of the biggest challenges facing agencies and brand marketers.

But Goodway Group’s award-winning ad tech stack overcomes these hurdles by leveraging technology to create scaled efficiency that empowers human talent: It’s complex technology custom built to deliver sophisticated targeting, efficient buying and advanced measurement for agencies and advertisers. Our combination of bespoke technology and top ad tech platforms offer a full ecosystem that delivers the best experience for internal users such as traders and analysts – and external clients alike.

Goodway's ad tech overview infographic

Goodway’s Ad Tech Stack Meets Modern Marketers’ Needs

With a customer-first and ever-evolving approach, our technology team, including data, science and analytics (DSA), is creating a future-proof system for all the necessary elements required to run a successful digital agency, where strategy becomes execution to deliver tangible results.

Goodway's ad tech stack elements

Audience Design

Audience design harnesses the power of first-, second- and third-party data to create custom targeting strategies to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Our tech stack’s data sources develop bespoke audiences for clients to activate in their digital strategies including customer personas, propensity models, look-alike models, offline models, retargeting strategies and suppression models.

Our audience design solution continuously analyzes over 5 billion data points across 10k+ behavioral, demographic, psychographic and contextual audience segments to determine the optimal programmatic media strategy unique to our client.


RealValue is our algorithmic suite that applies optimizations to amplify what’s working and eliminates what’s not. It ensures more money is going toward working media and marketers are getting the best ROI possible.

The suite uses machine learning to drive unmatched media performance through predictive modeling and impression evaluation, geographic insights, which let campaigns scale, and multi-touch attribution (more specifically linear touch attribution). RealValue can optimize campaigns based on multiple dimensions – including ad size, browser, daypart, device, frequency, fold position, location, operating system, site and supply vendor, and it can protect campaigns from costly quality assurance issues by checking launch dates, creative assignments, pacing, pixels and performance.

In a two-month sample period, RealValue monitored billions of impressions, and 65% of detected errors were resolved rapidly after alerts, putting campaigns back on track more quickly than could be done without the system.


Insights empower all our account teams to harness the power of data to craft compelling, impactful stories for our clients, leading to better insights that can optimize their business to drive real business outcomes. They also make it possible for every employee at Goodway Group to leverage the power of SQL without needing to write complex code.

Campaign Engine

Campaign Engine centralizes multi-platform, cross-channel campaigns and automates repetitive tasks for the trading team. This generates significant efficiencies in campaign setup, reporting and invoicing, giving traders more time to focus on optimizations and actionable insights.

Campaign Engine works across multiple DSPs and paid search, social and programmatic, and its robust reporting dashboards – with drill-down and filtering capabilities – give clients fully transparent 24/7 real-time access to their own data. Furthermore, Goodway Group’s visual dashboards can scale to any client’s needs, especially important for multi-location businesses that inherently possess complexities between local and national campaigns. To care for this, Goodway’s tech team included aggregation capabilities so marketing managers at every tier can compare performance and see trends at every level. At the individual campaign level, metrics are available with data visualization for categories including overall impressions, overall eCPA activities, channel-level impressions, channel-level eCPA activities and channel-level budgets.

Goodway’s Ad Tech Stack Achieves Quantifiable KPIs

How Tacori Maximized Media Investment With RealValue

Luxury brand Tacori expressed interest in exploring novel approaches toward maximizing paid media investment. Simultaneously, our DSA team recently enhanced Goodway’s algorithmic suite, RealValue, which is focused on identifying the most efficient method to purchase the highest-value inventory for the right price and at the right time. They developed a new combinatorial inventory algorithm that evaluates impressions based on aggregated attributes indicating a user’s potential value.

Tacori partnered with us to set up a two-week test to determine if the new algorithm would successfully increase bids for the right auctions and generate a higher win rate for better-performing impressions. The post-test analysis showed we won more higher-performing impressions and that Tacori’s conversion rate increased by 2x and its cost per action decreased by 65%.

How Kodiak Cakes Broke Into the Snacking Category With Audience Design and Insights

Kodiak Cakes traditionally focused its product line within the breakfast category but wanted to break into the highly competitive snacking category. To do this, first it needed to drive consumer awareness for new products falling outside its typical breakfast line. The initial product line rollout was limited to targeted geographies through specified retailers to create demand and drive in-store and online sales.

Taking an audience-first approach, we leveraged our client’s purchased third-party data coupled with new personas we created from researched psychographic attributes that matched lifestyle to the new product lines. The ad targeting methodology struck a balance between more specific, and therefore expensive, third-party audience data and our broader persona-based audiences that provided reach to drive awareness at a lower cost. A multichannel ad strategy included display and video channels for optimal message delivery. Through our raw sales data analysis, we calculated cross-channel lift during the campaign’s active three-week promotional period. Snack products grew significantly with 43% increased sales both in-store and online. Additionally, we achieved an under budget eCPM and delivered a 92.7% video completion rate.

Goodway’s Ad Tech Stack Drives Award-Winning Innovation

Our custom ad tech stack has received some major industry accolades this year: We won our second consecutive award at the MarTech Breakthrough Awards, this time for Best Predictive Analytics Solution for BidRange, our custom-built advanced machine learning model. Then at the AdExchanger Awards, which recognizes the best of the best in programmatic and celebrates the future of digital media and advertising, we won Best Use of Technology by an Agency.

As with every leading agency today, we’re focused on the internal and external ramifications that will come as a result of ad tech’s next biggest challenges: identity resolution, privacy regulation and compliance. By being tech-agnostic and taking a user-first approach, we avail ourselves to evaluate all alternatives that are being presented in today’s marketplace. Our tech stack often interfaces or enhances other platforms. Through our strong partnerships and willingness to experiment, we provide best-in-class marketing solutions and execution, delivering real business outcomes for valued clients.

Ready to put our ad tech stack, people and expertise to work for you? Contact us today to learn more.