Passport One™

Your all-access pass to unlock the power of audience design for people-based marketing.

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What is Passport One™?

Passport One™ identifies a marketer’s customers, enhances existing first-party data and creates new opportunities for closed-loop measurement. When combined with other components of the tool kit and Goodway’s teams of analysts, data scientists and strategists, brands now have the power to punch well above their weight class positioning themselves ahead of the competition.

Goodway created a customized audience discovery tool, set facilitating access to an expansive identity graph and corresponding attributes. It provides best-in-class data access to:

  • 300 million consumer profiles
  • 126 million U.S. households
  • Coverage of 95% of the U.S. population
  • 1,500 individual household-level level attributions
  • Linkage to 500 million email addresses utilizing ID solutions

Passport One™ is designed to uncover audience insights for any B2C or B2B business.

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Why Passport One™?

Unparalleled Data Access

to reach your audience across all programmatic and media channels, including CTV and RMNs.

Deep Insights

Use detailed behavioral and audience reports to inform your audience strategy for the smartest activation.

Privacy-Safe Activation

Prepare for the cookieless future by building, modeling, expanding and enriching your first-party data.

How Passport One™ Works

Decode your customers’ full, unique journeys to achieve business outcomes.


Discover your audience and get to know them more intimately.
• Data Enrichment
• Identity Resolution
• Identity Management and Verification

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Reach them in new ways with certainty across several platforms.
• Targeting/Segmentation
• Look-a-Like Modeling
• Personalization
• First-Party Data Enriched Contextual Targeting

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Understand or analyze their behaviors and gain customized insights to advance your strategies.
• Advanced Measurement and Analytics
• Predictive Modeling Data Science Consulting
• Clean Room Data Collaboration

Passport One™ outperformed an automotive client’s first-party data in 50% of head-to-head tests. Another automotive client achieved a 196% increase in conversions at a 1.3%+ stronger CVR in two months.

Unlock the Full Value

With Passport One™, you can access seamless integrations that are guided by an in-house team of technical support experts.

  • Universal/Common ID Integrations
  • Contextual Integrations
  • Cohort Integrations
  • Clean Room Integrations

Learn more about how Passport One™ and other Goodway solutions can bring even more value to advertisers like you.

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