Why Advertisers Are Tuning into Audio Again

Close-up studio shot of an attractive trendy young woman with her hands on her headsetDo you have the perfect playlist for every situationfrom working, to working out, to working it on the dance floor? We bet you do. Throughout history, music has been one of the most intimate forms of individual expression. Today’s music libraries and playlists are akin to daily journals, logging a listener’s routine, aspirations, and mood at a single moment. It is because of this data richness that marketers have started changing their tune about audio ads. Think about the playlist for your daily commute. Perhaps it provides the pep you need to get your day started, specially designed and saved on your digital streaming account. Now think about what you listen to when you are in the office. Maybe it’s a little more subduedlive streaming a digital radio channel by your favorite artist through your computer to act as background noise. It’s these simple choiceswhen you listen, what you listen to, and how you listenthat enable advertisers to tailor the perfect message for any moment in a user’s routine. Now through the efficiency of programmatic, marketers can tap into this sea of first-party data, make powerful inferences about consumer habits, and match targeted 15- or 30-second ads to specific types of playlists, all within their existing media campaigns. Here’s how playlist targeting works: Advertisers can select from a collection of music mixes, such as party, romance, cooking, or workout, to target specific listeners who are in the right state of mind to hear about their products. Global music streaming trailblazer, Spotify has already launched a programmatic audio platform to enable advertisers to reach it’s 70 million free listeners, and iHeart Radio is anticipated to be close behind. With inventory sold on a flat CPM and the promise of ultra-engaged digital radio audiences expected to reach over 58% of the U.S. population by 2020 (eMarketer, February 2016), programmatic is primed to give audio a second life. Before you drop the mic on traditional radio spots, talk with a Goodway expert about how programmatic audio can enhance your current traditional and digital marketing mix. Find out how you can incorporate the same targeting tools you’re using in your video, mobile, and cross-device campaigns to maximize your audio reach. Contact us today; we’re listening for your call.