Top 8 Social Media Trends for 2024

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By 2024, social media will not just influence our choices, but predict them — reshaping marketing as we know it.

This new era of digital engagement is on our doorstep, and it’s not quietly knocking — it’s ready to burst through with the force of innovation and change. 

The coming year will bring a transformative wave that savvy marketers must ride on to stay afloat. 

Let’s explore the top eight trends that will define our industry and how you can leverage them for growth and connection.

1. Threads Finding Its Groove

In the world of social media, adaptability is key. One platform that is poised to find its rhythm in 2024 is Threads. With users and brands alike seeking more intimate and authentic ways to connect, Threads is carving out its niche, offering a space for meaningful conversations and stronger community building.

After an unprecedented launch in July 2023 that shot signups to over 70 million users, Threads has continued expansion to retain everyone’s fleeting attention spans. A native GIF picker and poll support recently rolled out, and additional features like pinned posts are in the works. 

In 2024, Threads will find its footing in the social media app ecosystem. Historically, trendy new apps fizzle out after a few months, but Threads is different — it’s got Meta backing and fills a void left by Twitter. In October 2023, Threads hovered around 33 million daily active users. Solid, but still room to grow — and introduce a form of monetization, hopefully coming soon.

2. The Continued Rise of AI & Video

Gen Z has spoken, and the verdict is in: AI and video content are a match made in digital heaven. 

A recent Digiday article highlights the staggering ways in which this tech-savvy generation is utilizing AI, and we predict this trend will only continue to grow. Brands that can effectively leverage AI-driven video content are set to capture the attention and loyalty of this demographic. Fortunately, tools from Meta and TikTok are making this simple, including AI script generators and text/image generators. 

3. The Downward Spiral of X

Not all social platforms are destined for glory in 2024. 

Platform X — formerly known as Twitter — finds itself on a precarious downward spiral. As users migrate to fresher, more engaging platforms, brands should be mindful of where they’re allocating their social media budgets and efforts. U.S. ad revenue spend on X has declined each month since the ownership change in 2022. 

Additionally, Musk has shared his vision to make X a “dating app” — a feature we’re not sure anyone asked for. Brands and users alike have gone through several changes to the platform from its advertising services and its overall business evolution, but the volatility does not encourage perpetuity. 

While brand safety and the future of the platform is uncertain, we do know one thing: Advertisers are leaving in droves.

4. Reddit: From Niche to Mainstream

Reddit is shedding its niche status and stepping confidently into the mainstream limelight. 

With its unique blend of community and content, Reddit offers brands a golden opportunity to tap into passionate and engaged audiences. Not sure what that looks like for your brand? Reddit created an abundance of case studies.

5. TikTok Shop: The Next Big Thing

Ecommerce and social media have become inseparable, and TikTok Shop is poised to be the next big player in this space. With its massive user base and innovative in-app shopping features, brands looking to drive sales and engage with consumers should be paying close attention.

Want more insights into how to use TikTok to grow your brand? Check out our TikTok marketing guide.

6. LinkedIn’s Unstoppable Growth

LinkedIn continues to prove its staying power, reporting record levels of engagement and a growing user base that’s now boasting 985 million members. For B2B marketers and brands looking to establish thought leadership, LinkedIn is the place to be in 2024. 

LinkedIn also offers new measurement solutions that make attribution for paid and organic efforts easier. This new suite of measurement tools (ones that have been a long time coming) includes the B2B Index, B2B Leaderboard and the CMO Scorecard. 

7. The Rise of “Deinfluencing”

An intriguing trend emerging in the social media realm is “deinfluencing.” As outlined by TechTarget and Later, this movement spotlights influencers advocating against unnecessary purchases, encouraging a mindset of mindful consumption over impulse buying. This trend aligns with a growing consumer demand for authenticity and sustainability, offering a refreshing counter-narrative to the usual influencer ethos of “more is better.”

Looking ahead to 2024, brands must recognize and engage with the “deinfluencing” phenomenon — especially in ecommerce. By collaborating with influencers who embody this ethos, businesses can forge stronger, trust-based relationships with their audience and show their value. Shifting the conversation to how your brand is different in this environment takes a smart, sharp messaging strategy.

8. Pinterest Is Still Pinned at the Top

Despite shifts in social media trends, Pinterest remains a viable and valuable platform for business investment. CNBC reports that Pinterest has demonstrated resilience, which is reflected in its Q3 earnings. As Yahoo Finance emphasizes, Pinterest’s vision of being more than just a social network — a vision board for personal aspirations and planning — continues to capture users’ imaginations. It has especially grown its user base with luxury brands.  

In 2024, Pinterest is set to remain a destination for businesses to captivate an audience actively seeking inspiration. With its emphasis on a positive and aspirational user experience, Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. Additionally, Pinterest offers robust commerce tools like shoppable pins, video, attribution and other engaging offerings. The platform is primed for your brand to win.

The Pulse on 2024 Trends 

The social media landscape in 2024 is vibrant and varied, offering ample opportunities for brands to connect, engage and convert. By staying attuned to these trends and being ready to adapt, you can maintain relevancy, stay in front of your customers and know where to invest your ad dollars. 

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