Digital State of the Union: Streaming Digital

mans hands at tablet streaming digital video Streaming digital killed the TV star. No longer do we live in an era when we’ll wait for content at a scheduled time. As of 2016, television has officially taken a backseat to streaming digital. And with that shift comes not only a growing number of cord-cutters but an amassed population of cord-nevers. The U.S. population wants video content, and they want it at any time, all the time. Enter video on demand, over-the-top, connected TV, YouTube and Netflix. Consumers spend anywhere from 1 to 3 hours each day with streaming digital video (mobile leads the channel charge when you combine smartphone and tablet minutes), leaving a prime opportunity for tech-savvy advertisers, according to eMarketer: emarketer stats on digital video in infographic It has also been widely observed that simply recycling a television ad online will not cut it anymore. More short-form video is consumed than long-form, giving as seamless and uninterrupted of an experience as possible between users and their content. Yet, consumers still crave immersive experiences that connect them to and with a particular brand. It’s a delicate balancing act that few marketers have mastered. Pre-recorded content aside, an ever-increasing trend of live-streaming videos is taking place and will continue to blossom well into 2017. Brands that utilize this newer channel will continue to receive more engagement from and prioritization among feeds of subscribers. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and (of course) Snapchat will all continue pushing this platform as we head into the future of perpetual connectivity and consumption. The key for brands and advertisers, however, will mirror SEO and blogging best practices: iteration, precision and consistency will garner the greatest prioritization as well as response. For more, close out your week tomorrow with our final Digital State of the Union post on programmatic pricing and header bidding. Digital State of the Union Series Digital State of the Union: The Rising Threat of Ad Blockers Digital State of the Union: From Personalization to Personal Assistants Digital State of the Union: Content Marketing Digital State of the Union: Digital Advertising Costs