Five Ad Tech Gifs That Will Have You Nodding (and Laughing)

Since ad tech practitioners bring together the perfect combination of a “get it done” attitude and a “let the creativity flow” mindset, we naturally fell in love with the Gif trend. (That’s pronounced Gif, not Jif …. Fight us!) But as much as we enjoy cute cats and Ryan Gosling, we’ve had a hard time finding clever ad tech Gifs to add to our presentations, social media, and afternoon email threads when the boss isn’t looking. So being the trailblazers we are, we decided to make a few of our own.

Targetingdog trying to catch a Frisbee

What makes your audience tick? Without mining crucial intel from the data you own, your targeting could miss the mark.


Google Analytics can give you a good picture of how you’re doing but can’t give you the whole story. We can give you the customized and precise data insights you need to succeed.


If only you could bottle the bliss you feel after pressing “Send” on your client report, knowing you only have good news to share.

Media Costs

Connected TV at that price? Is that too good to be true? Yup, pure fantasy, it only lives in your imagination.


What it feels like when you find out you’re a winner … and then realize you’re not the only one.