Get the Latest Marketing News: December 2019

December has gone fast with all the holiday hustle and bustle. But now you can catch up fast by scanning our expertly curated marketing news and diving into those articles that most interest or impact you:

The media landscape is always changing, but now it seems to be transforming at breakneck speed. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the latest happenings, who owns whom, who works with whom, and what all the players do today. But check out this new Vox diagram to understand the current state of the media world.

Google My Business has rolled out a new feature: Up top on local business profiles, it’s now featuring reviews more visibly by showing them in a carousel format. A Google spokesperson confirmed the change to Search Engine Land, saying, “We’ve begun showing Reviews and Q&A that are relevant to the user’s query on the business profile. These are surfaced when there is a sufficient number of high-quality reviews/Q&A for the specific place related to the user’s query.”

What is the ad tech industry’s main 2020 goal? In his recent AdExchanger Data-Driven Thinking article, our president Jay Friedman says it’s preparing for a cookieless future. He said, “When the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect Jan. 1, it will launch independent ad tech on its own type of ‘gap year’ in which it must interpret the law’s evolving nuances and focus on innovation before it’s ready for the big day – not for college but for replacing behavioral targeting in a meaningful way.”

Vizio, a TV manufacturer and smart TV data company, is moving into connected TV advertising, allowing advertisers to now buy TV inventory through a new service, Vizio Ads. Mike O’Donnell, Vizio’s Platform Business senior vice president, told MediaPost a direct-to-TV advertising business will help brands find new ways to engage with viewers.

When it comes to consumer research and target demographics, Susan Schwallie, executive director of food and beverage consumption for the NPD Group in Chicago, thinks Generation X is often forgotten. She told QSR Magazine, “It is an average generation and very representative of the total population.” But fast-casual and quick-service restaurants should definitely be taking notice: The 65 million Gen Xers in the U.S. today spend more on food than any other generation. Also, market research company Datassential found 80% of the time these people are looking for these types of restaurants over full-service ones. What is it exactly that Gen X customers are expecting when it comes to a dining experience? Schwallie says it comes down to having customizable options and being a good value. That’s why build-your-own meals, buffets, or combo meals are particularly popular with this generation. Gen Xers also want restaurants to be family-friendly, trustworthy, and healthy. Want more digital media industry news and expert insights? Follow our blog to keep up to date on today’s latest marketing news, topics, and trends. Or, contact us. We can help you find just the right digital advertising solutions and tools to take your business to the next level.