Goodway Shuts Out Methbot Fraudsters

With White Ops’ recent discovery of the Russian hacking operation, Methbot, the first question your advertisers are likely to ask is, “Was MY campaign affected?” With an estimated $3 million to $5 million of advertiser revenue lost per day to Methbot’s fraudsters, it’s a fair question for most . . . but not for you. We are happy to report that Goodway was virtually unaffected by Methbot in 2016, with only .004% of total annual impressions delivered to compromised IPs as listed by White Ops. Also, no single advertiser of ours was exposed to more than $1,000 of Methbot fraud over the course of a year. These unparalleled results speak to the combined data science and human intelligence that our team employed this past year as part of Goodway’s 2016 anti-fraud initiative. After analyzing billions of impressions for invalid traffic and user anomalies, we cut 13 suspicious SSPs from our supply ecosystem and implemented proprietary algorithms to help keep fraud out, resulting in fraud measurement levels of less than 1%, as reported by Integral Ad Science (IAS). Our anti-fraud methods continue to get results even as fraudsters get more sophisticated. If you want to learn more, watch our anti-fraud initiative webinar or contact us now.