Goodway Group Lands on Inc. Best Workplaces 2022

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We’re pleased to announce Goodway Group is featured on the Inc. Best Workplaces 2022 list among the top American companies that have excelled at creating exceptional workplaces and company culture.

After collecting data from thousands of submissions, Inc. selected 475 honorees this year. Each company that was nominated took part in an employee survey, conducted by Quantum Workplace, which included topics such as management effectiveness, perks, fostering employee growth and overall company culture. The organization’s benefits were also audited to determine overall score and ranking.

“Not long ago, the term ‘best workplace’ would have conjured up images of open-office designs with stocked snack fridges,” says Inc. editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk. “Yet given the widespread adoption of remote work, the concept of the workplace has shifted. This year, Inc. has recognized the organizations dedicated to redefining and enriching the workplace in the face of the pandemic.” 

How did Goodway achieve this wonderful accolade? We’re forward thinkers. With our 92-year history, it’s how we’ve withstood the test of time. We pride ourselves in always keeping an eye on what’s coming and always pushing the limits of how far we can go for our clients and our employees. Striving, innovating, evolving, asking what’s next – this is core to our DNA.

“We are honored to be named an exceptional workplace by Inc. Best Workplaces. Our award-winning culture is attributed, in part, to our ability to remain fiercely independent. In our industry, our competitors are often large, publicly held agencies who have a responsibility to a variety of stakeholders,” commented David Wolk, CEO at Goodway Group. “We are fortunate to answer only to our employees and our clients, which allows us to stay hyper-focused on their best interests and collaboratively drive meaningful business outcomes. We refer to this as our infinity loop – we take care of our employees, so they take care of our clients. It has become a virtuous cycle that propels us forward with innovation and fortitude.”

Since 2006, Goodway has operated exclusively as a remote workforce. We prioritize premium and comprehensive employee resources, training and tools so our team can continually build skills and remain at the forefront of the ever-changing ad tech industry. Here are four ways, among many, that Goodway has created a thriving, positive corporate culture that allows our employees to operate at peak performance:

4 Ways Goodway Group Creates an Award-Winning Corporate Culture

1. Leading the Way With Work-Life Integration

Forget the constant work-life tug-of-war, trying to achieve balance. Here at Goodway, we strive for work-life integration, helping employees seamlessly blend the two every day.

Our approach to remote work gives our employees the freedom and flexibility to work within unique circumstances to excel at work and life – at the same time. We know firsthand the positive outcomes of providing flexibility, supporting professional development and giving our people time away to recharge. Goodway’s benefits package reflects our commitment to time away from work with an unlimited paid time off (PTO) policy.

Last year, we went further still: We implemented a new summer schedule. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Goodway employees enjoyed summer Fridays, where we closed at noon local time across time zones. The entire company felt the impact of returning from the weekend refreshed, ready to bring thoughtful solutions to our clients, so much so, we’re doing it again this year.

2. Pivoting on Biannual Company Gatherings

Our approach to remote work hasn’t required many adjustments throughout the pandemic, but feelings of isolation and loneliness are common inside and outside of Goodway. We hold our company gatherings, aka summits, twice a year, and they are a key ritual and the secret sauce to strengthening work relationships across the organization and maintaining our always-learning culture.

During the pandemic, our people experience team brainstormed ideas to connect remote employees in new ways. Using Virbela, a 2D virtual reality platform, we mimicked the experience of attending an in-person event through personal avatars. Teams used virtual conference rooms and engaged in social activities such as dancing at a speakeasy.

Human connection and personal safety are top priorities when we come together for our summits. That’s why we recently instituted a virtual reality (VR) option and provided all employees with an Oculus headset so they could have fully immersive VR experiences during our gatherings or other team-building events scheduled throughout the year.

3. Dedicating Days to Employee Growth and Service

One day a month, we cancel our internal meetings at Goodway in honor of our Dedicated Development Day (D3). This is when employees can shift their focus from their swirling to-do lists to personal development for a brief uninterrupted time. On D3, internal experts host live learning sessions that engage teammates across departments and curate a list of self-paced classes, podcasts and articles, or employees can pursue a training plan of their own.

Goodway employees are also given time off to volunteer for Goodway Cares, our 501(c)(3) founded in 2016 that offers pro-bono digital media strategy, consulting and execution to budding non-profit organizations.

4. Pushing Forward With Employee Feedback as Our Guide

One of Goodway Group’s recent remote-friendly initiatives was the launch of a survey through Culture Amp, our employee survey data platform. Each quarter, our teams take a team health monitor survey to see trends over time and then work on specific improvement areas to ultimately become more effective. Culture Amp helps our people experience team get the employee feedback they need to better identify and prioritize remote employees’ wellbeing, needs and areas of improvement and create positive change within our organization.

Listening to our employees is important to being able to foster a productive work environment. That’s why we created the Goodway Council, a rotating group of employees who engage in honest dialogue with leadership team members about company-wide issues to gather genuine feedback.

Goodway has won the most prestigious awards for innovative marketing technology, impactful work and inclusive remote-first places to work including AdExchanger’s Best Use of Technology by an Agency Award and two MarTech Breakthrough Awards. We’ve also been named a multi-year Ad Age Best Places to Work.

Landing on the Inc. Best Workplaces 2022 list is such an honor for us. Our forward-thinking expert team harnesses the power of data, insights and predictive intelligence to deliver award-winning digital marketing strategies custom built for brands’ unique and complex challenges. Powered by the brightest humans at the forefront of the ad tech industry, Goodway eagerly embraces change – continually adapting and innovating to lead the way for modern marketers to trailblaze through the digital frontier. Ready to join us? See our available roles now and apply today.