Jay Friedman Talks New Book on Money for Lunch (Audio Interview)

Our president Jay Friedman appeared on Bert Martinez’s Money for Lunch Blog Talk Radio last Tuesday where he discussed key digital advertising trends, how he came to be a digital media expert, and his newly launched book, Prove Your Advertising Works. The book is the definitive handbook for CMOs and advertisers everywhere to discuss digital advertising’s impact on the bottom line with the rest of the C-suite. Download Prove Your Advertising Works e-book for free. Or buy the paperback version at Amazon. What was Jay’s inspiration behind this guide? Jay said the idea stemmed from CMOs and advertisers across the digital advertising landscape who kept telling him they longed for a blueprint on how to show the C-suite — CEOs, CFOs, and the like — just how measurable digital advertising is and how it can be an important driver of growth and financial success for any organization. After having this conversation time and again, Jay took it as a sign. He realized he was in the unique position with the necessary knowledge and ability to actually make this wished-for blueprint happen, and the book was born. Listen to or download Jay’s Money for Lunch audio interview here: During the course of this approximate 30-minute audio interview, Bert asks him a number of tough questions that are top of mind for all digital advertisers today. Take a listen and hear what Jay has to say on these topics:

  • What are the biggest challenges brands and advertisers face?
  • What steps can you take to reach and connect with your target audience, and your true audience?
  • How can advertising convert customers, and how can you get the most return on the advertising you pay for?
  • How do you know you’re spending your advertising budget in the right way for desired results? And if you get those desired results, could they still be better?
  • Lastly, was this biggie – If you have a good message and good creative, aren’t those enough for your advertising to succeed? (No, unfortunately, Jay says there’s still a missing piece.) Hear what that is and why you need it to be efficient, save money, and be more successful.

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