For All That You Do, a Mother’s Day Video Tribute

At Goodway Group, we know the tireless effort that goes into being a mom — especially working moms. This Mother’s Day, we’re taking a moment to thank all the #GoodwayMoms who are raising the bar for women in tech and raising a family. Pass the tissues because this Mother’s Day video is for you: Seventy-five percent of our company is female, which isn’t surprising since over half of women in the U.S. have a job, according to the Department of Labor. But what is surprising is that we’re in the technology industry, where women are often outnumbered by men. That’s not the case at Goodway Group because we’re a company that believes family values should be at the core of how we hire the best people, regardless of gender. Every day is a good day to thank your mom for everything she’s done for you and to thank all the working moms at Goodway Group for all they accomplish. Use #GoodwayMoms to show your praise for the women who have impacted your life and share our Mother’s Day video on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. *This post was originally published on 5/8/17 but has been revised and updated for accuracy.