What is Programmatic? A Video You Can Share with Clients

You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect pitch deck for your client, and now it’s your big moment to deliver. Then come the dreaded questions from their old-school CEO, “What is programmatic advertising? Why should I spend money on it? Can’t we just keeping buying from the sites we know?” It’s like you hadn’t even presented in the first place – clearly, this CEO needs to be enrolled in programmatic 101. We’ve all been there. It’s tough to explain a technical concept like programmatic to a client from the newspaper-and-TV-only era or who still buys digital media through an ad network. Before you dive into the jargon around demand-side platforms and their eyes glaze over, try a different approach and teach them about programmatic visually. In less than three minutes, you’ll finally have the answer to your client’s eternal question, “What is programmatic advertising?” Check out our latest video for an easy-to-understand programmatic primer: how it works and why it should be part of every advertiser’s media mix: You know programmatic is how media buying is done today. Don’t let your clients get left behind! Share our What Is Programmatic Advertising? video now with those questioning clients.