Amplifying Conversion Rates With Audio

Powerful Lift Study Shows Adding Audio Increases Conversion Rates Up to 282%

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    Now, more than ever, U.S. adults are listening to their favorite music, talk shows and podcasts on streaming platforms instead of traditional platforms. Goodway's client Subaru of America wanted to determine whether streaming audio would provide a significant lift in conversions when added to its current campaigns.

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    Goodway's data science and analytics teams created a lift measurement reporting solution to measure the impact of streaming audio on the household conversion rate from July 2020 through December 2020. They compared running audio (Spotify/iHeartRadio, etc.) as a stand-alone tactic and running audio with other tactics.

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    Goodway's lift measurement data revealed audio was effective. Subaru retailers running audio as a part of a multichannel campaign during the analysis period achieved considerable conversion increases versus those who did not.

  • By leveraging data and analytics to understand the Subaru customer journey, Goodway was able to successfully identify and quantify a significant lift in the household conversion rate when Subaru retailers employ a multichannel marketing strategy that includes audio.

    Tiffany Brown-Njovu
    Tiffany Brown-NjovuNational Account Lead, Goodway Group


    Subaru retailers who added audio as a part of a multichannel campaign achieved considerable conversion increases.

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    Conversion Increase When Adding Audio to Display vs. Display Alone

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    Conversion Increase When Adding Audio to Display and Video vs. Display and Video Alone

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    Conversion Increase When Adding Audio to Video vs. Video Alone

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