Elevating Programmatic Video 

With PubMatic’s online video auction packages, Goodway enriched programmatic video advertising – achieving more efficient campaigns and better reach, measurement and cost efficiencies for clients.

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    Goodway wanted to target consumers at scale and drive even greater programmatic video reach, quality, campaign efficiency and performance beyond what many DSPs could offer.

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    Curating and activating PubMatic's consumer experience online video auction packages with Jounce Media, a programmatic supply chain consultancy firm, Goodway strived to gain more insight into available programmatic video inventory, ad formats and placements to deliver clients even more highly targeted, efficient and effective programmatic video campaigns while boosting ROI.

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    The programmatic video strategy proved successful, and, in the process, Goodway also was able to internally better assess and categorize online video quality with PubMatic's auction packages.

  • With our Jounce Media and PubMatic partnership, Goodway could separate out the ‘made for advertising’ placements and sites. It was huge for us to know the types of online video placements we were buying so we could align the appropriate creative asset that would provide a higher ROI.

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    Andrea KwiatekDirector, Strategic Partnerships, Goodway Group

    Key Outcomes

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    higher online video win rates

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    higher viewability resulting in 84%

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    lower CPMs versus other deals

    Looking for new ways to enhance your programmatic video advertising? Get proven strategies to unlock your online video potential, make every dollar count and power up your impact.

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