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Goodway’s exclusive access to Meta’s Advanced Analytics tool helps a national fitness center gain 89% confidence in its marketing impact.

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    Although a national fitness center advertises across digital channels, only consumers within a few geographic locations can sign up for a membership online. Prospective customers outside of these geos can visit one of the physical locations in person to secure a membership, which allows them to tour the gym and learn more about which membership is right for their needs. This presents a challenge for the fitness company as it can't effectively attribute online actions to offline conversions or adjust campaign strategies based on impressions and site visits alone.

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    Goodway used Meta's Advanced Analytics tool, its clean room solution, to gain new insights about the national fitness center's newest members who signed up during its spring promo campaign period. The fitness company provided Goodway with CRM data for members who signed up during the spring promo and matched individuals in this data set using the Meta people ID. Goodway's data analysts wrote custom SQL queries to answer questions about how upper- and lower-funnel tactics ultimately impact member sign-ups.

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    Goodway's utilization of Meta's Advanced Analytics tool for this campaign meant for the first time ever, the national fitness center could attribute revenue from conversions to previous digital media exposure across channels. 89% of the new member sign-up records during the ~1.5 month span of the fitness company's spring promo campaign were matched to a people ID in Meta. Users who were exposed to both prospecting and retargeting signed up at a rate 10x higher than prospecting alone, and users exposed to both video and image ads signed up at a 7x higher rate than those who only viewed one ad type.

  • We're excited Meta has offered us exclusive independent agency access to its Advanced Analytics tool based on our data science and analytics team's capabilities. It's an honor to provide our clients with these valuable insights to help inform campaign strategy and improve performance over time.

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    Higher sign-up rate from users exposed to both retargeting and prospecting rather than prospecting alone



    Increase in new memberships from users exposed to video and image ads rather than video alone

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