Going Beyond Last Touch 

Additional media channel touchpoints generated a 53% conversion rate lift for a leading restaurant chain.

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    A leading restaurant chain historically utilized last-click attribution to evaluate channel performance. Primarily reliant on Paid Search and unsure about adding channels to their media mix, our client stakeholders needed to better understand the impact multiple channels could have on engagement and conversion. Through a test and learn approach, Goodway helped uncover the insights needed to inform a more sophisticated digital marketing strategy.

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    Our analytics team developed and implemented a cross-channel measurement solution that would provide our client with more in-depth insight into the relationship between Paid Search and newly added media channels. Our attribution analysis connected the programmatic media channel exposures with Paid Search clicks at the user level to assess each channel's weight of influence in the marketing mix and customer strategy.

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    Adding programmatic media channels drove a 53% lift in conversion rates. Nearly half of SEM converters were first exposed to a programmatic ad. Additionally, consumers exposed to programmatic before SEM were 1.5x more likely to convert. Our client applied these learnings to refine its digital marketing strategy to be cross channel and adjusted its measurement model to assess the weight of media channel touchpoints more accurately.

  • By discovering the right mix for our QSR client, their marketing team can now efficiently and effectively identify in-market consumers through a redefined holistic strategy deploying the right messaging through the right channels.

    Amy Sirlin
    Ami SirlinVP, Multi-location Marketing, Goodway Group


    Cross-Channel Exposure Impact

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    Paid Search Converters Were First Exposed to Programmatic

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    More Likely to Convert for Users Exposed to Display Prior to Search Ads

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    Conversion Rate Lift

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