Pro Sports Team Amplifies Audience Reach

Goodway Group collaborated with Skai, an omnichannel marketing platform, to run a closed beta program on Amazon Ads to uncover new audiences for a pro sports team.

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    A U.S.-based pro sports team in a large metropolitan area hired Goodway to grow its fanbase worldwide, increase game attendance and get the most of its merchandise sales. Goodway started running several campaigns for this sports team including display. Initially, display ads were limited to the sports team’s existing demand-side platform (DSP). But Goodway believed that that the sports team was missing out on untapped prospective audiences in Amazon Ads.

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    Goodway collaborated with Skai, one of our media partners, to participate in a Sponsored Display Amazon Ads closed beta program for the pro sports client. Goodway launched a campaign using two specific Amazon Ads strategies — a Lifestyle strategy and an Interests strategy — to reach potential fans based on their viewing and shopping activities. Goodway managed the campaign budget, tracked real-time results and optimized page visits within the Skai platform.

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    With the ease of use offered by Skai, Goodway nimbly managed the Amazon Ads campaign for the pro sports team to ensure optimal results and stay on budget. The campaign proved successful at driving awareness to previously untouched audiences. It increased all key media metrics, indicating a positive performance. Amazon Ads also was more cost-effective, offering a 55% lower CPC and a 60% lower CPM compared to the display campaigns run in the other DSP.

  • We anticipated that we’d be able to exponentially increase our client’s audience base with Amazon Ads, and the results did not disappoint. By partnering with Skai for this closed beta program, we discovered new audiences for our client that showed great buying signals.

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    Bailey Smith, Media Planning LeadGoodway Group

    Key Outcomes

    Goodway helped the pro sports team meet one of its main goals — increasing its fan base — by leaning into existing industry partnerships, joining forces for new beta tests with outside platforms and thinking outside the box (or in this case, the DSP).

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