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Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights Lead to Accelerated Customer Acquisition for SpoonfulONE

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    SpoonfulONE, a revolutionary, science-backed baby nutritional product line, makes food allergen introduction and maintenance safe and easy. This emerging brand needed to increase audience reach and customer acquisition in a niche and highly competitive product category. Initially, Goodway Group activated audiences by running prospecting and remarketing campaigns via Amazon DSP and Sponsored ads. While KPIs such as impressions, clicks and conversion rates in standard reporting captured campaign performance, these data points were not enough to demonstrate how different media worked together to improve conversion and overall media efficiency. Accessing cross-media insights in a privacy-safe manner is essential to making informed decisions around media mix optimization and budget allocation adjustment.

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    To measure the implemented cross-media strategy’s impact and look for opportunities to optimize, Goodway turned to Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), Amazon's privacy-safe and cloud-based data clean room solution. Via AMC’s web-based UI, Goodway’s data science and analytics team explored the pseudonymized, event-level datasets on past campaigns, located the information relevant to the analysis and built custom reporting to draw further insights on user engagement across channels, tactics and devices. Using AMC, Goodway analyzed the conversion lift as a result of reaching audiences via multiple media types, examined whether using prospecting and remarketing tactics jointly improved sales and inspected the impact of connecting with audiences on desktop and mobile devices.

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    The purchase rate of customers who were exposed to both display and Sponsored Product ads was 3x higher than those who were exposed to Sponsored Product ads alone. Over half of all customers who made a purchase were reached by both display ads and Sponsored Product ads. Goodway saw a 13x lift in purchase rate for users reached by both prospecting and remarketing ads compared to remarketing alone. Using AMC, Goodway quantified the impact of upper-funnel tactics in creating tangible downstream effects and demonstrated the value delivered by a holistic media strategy. These insights informed SpoonfulONE’s future media investments and improved the brand’s efficiency and effectiveness in customer acquisition.

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    Mixing audience targeting by ad type, device and life cycle created a test-and-learn framework to drive higher purchase rates.

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    Display + Sponsored Product Ads vs. Sponsored Product Ads Alone

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    Cross-Device, Desktop + Mobile vs. Mobile Alone

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    Prospect + Retargeting Ads vs. Remarketing Alone

    Partnering with Amazon

    How Goodway Group and SpoonfulONE succeeded with Amazon Marketing Cloud

    Based on the insights that Goodway Group gained working with AMC, we shifted our strategy to include more upper-funnel tactics and, in turn, expanded our reach and conversions among very qualified audiences. Working with Goodway and Amazon Advertising, we’ve seen incredible results like better conversion rates and increased ROI.

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