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Request a free competitive analysis report.*

We’re offering a limited number of complimentary competitive analysis reports to help you gain valuable insights into your market position.

Report Details at a Glance

  • Get one report worth up to a $3k value – for free – with extensive details about two of your competitors.
  • The report will be sourced from Pathmatics, a leading advertiser database and digital marketing intelligence platform, and created by one of our expert strategists.
  • Access valuable information such as your competitors’ media spend by channel and device to get a clear understanding of where they’re investing their resources.
  • Limited reports available per month.
  • Available five business days after request to eligible companies.**

What You’ll Receive

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12 Months of Trends

Discover the context of the last 12 months, what’s going on in advertising your industry and in your particular market segment(s).

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Industry Expertise

The report will be compiled by a strategist with a deep understanding of your industry and access to external market resources.

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Actionable Insights

Meet with a Goodway Group strategist to review insights from the report and how you can use them to gain a competitive advantage.


Why is this report available after five business days?

A human is preparing it! One of our expert strategists will personally prepare this report so you get the information you need, the way you need it.

How will I know if or when I’ll be getting a report?

A Goodway Group team member will personally reach out to you by email! At that time, they will confirm availability and help guide you through the process.

*Recipients of the free competitive analysis report (the “Report”) acknowledge and understand that the Report is provided “as is” and no warranties of any kind are given with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or merchantability of the Report.

**Customized report is based on available data, including current monthly minimum ad spend of $100k or greater and 2+ channels. Additionally, reports are produced by real live humans! Based on this, we are limited to the number of complimentary reports we can produce and provide on a monthly basis.

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