Powering General Motors

A trusted partner since 1989, Goodway Group delivers car buyers across the GM family of brands.  Now, we provide Zone Media and Tier II Solutions.

Customer at car dealership

Goodway Delivers for GM

The proof is in our account numbers.

  • 140+ LMAs with live campaigns
  • 3,000 creatives delivered per month at the speed of retail
  • 32 years partnering with GM

Media Activation

Digital solutions to promote Tier II and Zone initiatives.

  • Advanced TV
    UniversalReach TV

    Single access point to centralized, premium FEP inventory, providing best-in-industry reach, scale, and impact to engage your target audience.

  • Icon creative services
    OfferIQ: Video Creative Overlay

    Show offers onscreen the entire time a potential customer watches a video ad. Customizable options include LMA, dealer or event logo.

  • icon measurement
    Customizable Media Delivery

    Dealer groups have a choice of how to run media in their marketplace from dealerized creative to contribution-based delivery as they see best for their group.

  • OfferIQTM: View Creative Overlay in Action

    Keep offers on-screen with custom video overlay.

    Combine video creative with omnipresent incentives across YouTube, pre-roll and UniversalReach TV.

    Dearlerization of ads on pre-roll and UniversalReach TV (aka FEP) also available.

    Cross-Channel Synergy

    Connecting the Customer Journey Across Tier II & Zone Media

    • Market/Zone-specific media planning & execution driving meaningful outcomes
    • Focused, performance-based audience targeting
    • Scalable, custom creative units
    CPA by Market Type Graph
    Impact of Cross-Channel Exposure Graph
    Working with Goodway Group

    Reach Out to Your LMA Representative.

    Individual dealers can reach to their LMA representative to inquire about Goodway Group.

    How We Drive Business In Your Zone and LMA

    Available Media Channels
    • Video: FEP/Connected TV, Pre-roll, YouTube
    • Cross-Device Display: Conquesting, Retention, Retargeting
    • Audio
    • Search
    • Social
    • Specialty Services and Endemic Sites: Amazon, Carguru, Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)
    Additional Services
    • Creative Production, including translation into Spanish
    • OfferIQTM video overlay for omnipresent localized and incentive messaging
    • Direct Dealer Link® (DDL) creative to drive prospects to dealer sites
    • Microsite Production
    • GM Data Integration
    • Localized audience insight based upon dealer site visits powered by Goodway’s Real Audience

    Contact us if you’d like to hear about the performance and solutions we can provide for GM brands.

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