Enhance Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

There are 2.14 billion digital buyers in the world right now. eCommerce shoppers could fill the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor 20,000 times. eCommerce is a crowded, noisy world. Your website, media networks, and social channels play a vital role in product discovery, consideration, and purchase. So how do you make sure your brand can stand out in the crowd? And what eCommerce strategies give you the best chance of adding real value to your bottom line? Buckle up.

This guide is built by marketing leaders for marketing leaders. We know your supply chain challenges and know your customer’s expectations. Advertising campaigns that use both shopping ads and traditional search ads in parallel typically increase consumer engagement and perform better than those that use one tactic alone. Our playbook will help you make room in your marketing plan for every stage of the funnel.

We’ve curated 6 steps brands can take to leverage a smarter advertising strategy to generate sales by next quarter. What’s inside:

  1. Identifying New Customer Behaviors & Trends
  2. Optimizing Your Product Pages
  3. Leaning Into Amazon Ads
  4. Agile Advertising Shifts
  5. Marketplaces + Social + People-Based Targeting
  6. Channels to Innovate for eCommerce
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What You'll Learn
Ecommerce Adoption Is Greatly Accelerating Among Brands and Consumers Alike.

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