Honey Dew Increases Store Visits Using Waze Ads

Learn how Goodway and Mediaworks leveraged Waze Ads to help Honey Dew — New England’s largest locally owned donut and coffee shop chain — reach new customers on the go.

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    Most Honey Dew customers purchase their food and drinks as impulse buys when they’re on the road. But not all current or prospective customers were aware of their locations, and Honey Dew faced steep competition from another large brand in their category. This coffee shop chain wanted to increase brand awareness to a wider audience segment and make sure that drivers knew Honey Dew was nearby when they’d be likely to make a purchase.

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    Honey Dew worked with Goodway and their agency partner, Mediaworks, to experiment with different kinds of Waze Ad options to reach drivers near their locations. We used Takeovers, Promoted Search and other ad formats like Branded Pins to grow Honey Dew’s brand awareness and encourage visitors to stop by their stores. We helped Honey Dew find optimal approaches to generate business with younger consumers.

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    Testing different Waze Ads paid off. Honey Dew found which mix and types of ads worked the best, increased visits to their stores, surpassed industry benchmarks, and grew their customer base with millennial and Gen Z drivers. Because of the success of their ad performance, Honey Dew decided to invest more in Waze and expand their advertising strategy with Goodway and Mediaworks to continue keeping their brand top of mind with the right audience.

  • Partnering with Goodway and Mediaworks proved instrumental for increasing our brand awareness and reach. Using Waze Ads helped us discover what works best with our audience segments for optimal results.

    Jeanne Quinn headshot, Honey Dew Donuts.
    Jeanne QuinnMarketing Manager, Honey Dew

    Key Outcomes

    Honey Dew increased consumer impulse navigations significantly, engaged new customers in their target market (25-34-year-olds) and drove more visitors to their locations.

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