Leveraging Behavioral Signals to Identify Consumer Intent

Optimized paid social campaign drives a 282% increase in high-value actions (HVAs) for Tacori.

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    Luxury jewelry brand, Tacori, aimed to increase conversion rates across its site and improve cost efficiencies by distinguishing digital window-shoppers who visit the site to admire luxury jewelry from the shoppers who are in-market for a luxury jewelry purchase. In order to reach those who are most likely to make it to point of sale, the luxury jewelry brand needed to identify them before launching a highly targeted campaign across Instagram and Facebook.

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    Pre-campaign launch, Goodway Group pulled daily performance activity over the previous 18 months to look for behavioral trends across target segments on social platforms and Tacori’s website. Once audience targeting was established, Goodway created a 30-, 60- and 90-day action plan for the social media campaign, focused on augmenting machine learning by reducing complexity, improving signal quality, and opting for mobile-first ad creative, which enabled predictive models to successfully find high-intent visitors.

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    Through this high-impact social campaign, Goodway leveraged signals and behavioral targeting to identify and bring higher-intent users to the Tacori site. By removing unnecessary targeting restrictions, reducing audience overlap and expanding product sets, the campaign ran with greater efficiency and saw a significant increase in high-value actions from site visitors.

  • It’s important to stretch a lean budget as far as possible and make revisions where needed. By using machine learning to automate the manual, time-consuming tasks, we were able to focus on bigger ideas that produced measurable business results.

    Spencer Campbell
    Spencer CampbellSenior Strategy Director, Goodway Group


    Implementing a holistic data strategy can have a substantial impact on measurable business outcomes.

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    Increase in HVAs

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    Growth in conversion rate

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    Decrease in cost per search

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