Delivering a Holistic Data Strategy

Powerful data-driven media activation drove a 50% increase in ROAS for national retailer.

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    A major office supply, furniture and technology retailer looked to better utilize its data assets as a part of an overall marketing activation strategy. A combination of data model complexity, granularity and fragmentation made it impossible to act on insights in a timely and optimal fashion.

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    By consolidating and restructuring 20+ fragmented data sources, the Goodway team was able to expose a custom Tableau dashboard to the client. This dashboard facilitated more real-time access and transparency to reporting and insights that drove Agile marketing tactics and iteration.

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    With more frequent weekly reporting at event-level granularity now possible, Goodway collaborated with our client to develop a truly responsive, data-driven marketing and media strategy. Over the course of the next six months, aggregate Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) increased by a remarkable 50%.

  • Our goal was to reduce time to insight and action for a sophisticated enterprise customer. By partnering with our client and leveraging Goodway's expertise, we enhanced and implemented a holistic data strategy to deliver measurable business impact.

    Sara Petrill
    Sara PetrillAccount Director, Client Services


    Implementing a holistic data strategy can have a substantial impact on measurable business outcomes.

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    Increase in ROAS

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    Paid Media Conversion Lift

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    Data Sources Integrated


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