A guide to excellence in programmatic media buying that moves marketers and the industry past debates on waste to achieve real results and financial return

What You'll Learn
How To Ferret Out Fraud in Digital Advertising

Discover what signals course correction plus proven steps to take now to mitigate waste.

The Definition and Power of Programmatic

See what programmatic means in the modern marketing era and how it can impact your goals.

How To Enrich Your Programmatic Excellence

Get the most from your programmatic investment – with clear advice for your level of expertise.


Confronting the $20B Ad Waste Crisis

Beyond the Alarm: Prevention and Solutions To Outsmart Ad Fraud and MFAs and To Take Back Your Marketing Spend

Our supplemental CMO strategy guide will help you understand the big picture and key takeaways from our Programmatic Excellence guide. Download to learn how to realize the full value of your programmatic ad spend and how to reclaim your fraudulent ad spend once and for all.

Evaluate your programmatic media buying maturity with our detailed assessment. Discover efficiencies and savings or confirm your existing practices are best in class. Why wait?

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